Dead in the water and deserted

Aaron Martens cranked up the big motor and made a move about 10 minutes ago. 


Remember that earlier shout-out to our boat driver Brian Beebe? Uh, not so much now. His outboard wouldn't start when we tried to follow Martens.


So Overstreet did what he always does - looks out for No. 1 - and jumped in another boat. He just called me to report that Martens caught three fish pretty quickly in his new spot, but a 2 1/2-pound smallmouth is the biggest and the others were small keepers.


Meanwhile, Beebe and I have secured a boat to tow us and we're easing back down Black River.


And just to be clear here: Beebe is a great guy who has driven our crews two years in a row. No one feels worse about this than he does right now. And we've still got all the PB&J sandwiches, so I'm sure JO will appear soon.

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