What does an Elite angler do on a day that has been postponed?

What does an Elite angler do on a s day that has been postponed?


We really don't know. So we are rummaging around Zapata trying to find out.


Our first stop was a house trailer near the take off. Parked outside is Boyd Duckett, Kelly Jordon and Gary Klein's boats.

We find them inside gathered around a television watching the Weather Channel. Klein is still in his jersey. Jordon is in his pajamas and Duckett is laid back in a t-shirt.


You would think there would be a lot of talk about fishing. Instead, Jordon is wishing someone had a shotgun so he could go shoot Eurasian collared dove at his lease nearby. There is no season or limit on them, so they are fair game.


The rest of the talk is just friendly chatter until Weather Channel comes with an update. Then it's all ears to the lady relaying the weather.

Almost each time someone has a weather story. Klein has a sack full of them, including an event on the Potomac that he was running away with until a Hurricane hit.

We are off to see who else we can find.

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