Tale of the tape


As these last-minutes start to wind down, you start doing the math in your head. Typically when we have a BassTrakk finish that is 1-pound in margin, it's too close to call.


This is obviously not a typical event. Combs has about 2-pound and change margin, according to BassTrakk. That could be dead on or heavier.


Things to consider: These pros will tell you that once a fish hits that 5-pound mark, they get increasingly hard to judge in size. A 7-pounder looks like 9 pounds to some, less than 6-pounds to others. These fish have been skinny all week. Lots of big heads, no bellies, making it even harder. As an example, I looked in Clunn's bag on Friday. There was nothing but pigs in there. I asked what he thought he had.


"I really don't know, maybe 30,'' he said.


He actually had 36. Combs has had similar experiences. Some of these weights are being judged by Marshals, others are being relayed by the pro to a cameraman or Marshal. Each and every one of them are nothing more than guesses. 


This one really is too close to call. The weigh-in will be the tale of the tape.

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