Elias has to perform to stay another day

We just pulled up on Paul Elias, who won here in a giant and magical way in 2008. The giants and magic have abandoned him this go around.


He struggled a bit on Day One, and is in danger of being eliminated. He has to perform to stay another day.


Our timing was good. Elias only had a single keeper in the boat when we got here, but within the first few minutes he hooked up with a 4 pounder that put on a show for us before Elias could get a hand on him.



The fish finally came aboard with the appropriate "Thank you, Lord" following it.


Elias has two for about 8 pounds now. He has to stay on that pace to survive. But hes wanting to go much bigger to be a factor on Day Four.


I have 8, but I need 28 or 38, he said.

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