An edginess in the air

There's a little bit of an edginess in the air this morning.


Everything looks the same: Boats gathered around the dock waiting for it to be light enough to take off. But several of these guys have that looking over their shoulder look to them. They are nervous, maybe a little bit anxious.


Most of that revolves around where they sit in the take-off order, or how fast their boat is running compared to the guy behind them.


More than one angler has said "I've found the fish to win this event. But several others have found them, too."


Some even go as far as saying, "if I don't get their first, I'm sunk."


That might be the case, but you never know. Paul Elias didn't get to his magic spot first in 2008.  But he still created a record weight.


None of that matters to the guys sitting here this morning. All they know is they have to get established today, worry about tomorrow another day.


It makes for an interesting feel. This edginess isn't always here. Then again, we aren't always on a lake known for producing unbelievable stringers, packed full of giant bass.


They might be edgy, but us inky scribes are downright giddy. 

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