Drama at Falcon Lake

Watching all of this take place, I can't help but think about how unusual some of this is. By all accounts, Keith Combs is about 3-pounds ahead of Clunn. In any other tournament at almost any other venue, the fat lady would be clearing her throat for the final song. But she's not anywhere near singing at this moment. That is unique in it's own right.

There's an hour left to go in this derby and the nervousness, from the anglers to the bloggers and I assume those reading, is thick enough to slice. A 3-pound margin is substantial, but can be wiped away like an after thought with one big bite, or in Combs' instance, his margin could grow to uncatchable. 
Regardless of which way that margin tips, (if it tips) this event, this last day, has been one for the ages. Nothing like a little drama to start off the week.
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