BASSTrakk stirs controversy with anglers

The hottest topic of today's Classic angler briefing was the new edition of BASSTrakk we are planning to launch this week. The new version of BASSTrakk includes a map where the public can see where anglers are fishing-- not exact GPS locations, but the general vicinity.  


The anglers were fine with the public seeing the BASSTrakk map. They agree this will generate more interest in the sport. But when Tournament Director Trip Weldon mentioned that competing anglers would be able to look at the BASSTrakk map during competition, several anglers voiced dissenting opinions. 


The angler viewpoint, at least the ones who spoke up, felt it would be unfair for the competitors to view everyone's location. Several said that if a guy finds a great spot, and has it to himself, showing the other competitors his location on a map could be a game changer. 


The BASS management team listened to the various points of view. We're going to sleep on it, and decide in the next day or two how to proceed. 


Stay tuned!

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