Ready for action

We are waiting at Moccasin Gap, wondering if any of these guys will chance this giant shoal to get farther upstream.


A couple of the anglers said they would, but indicators from the blog say that gamble may not be worth it.


This is a rough, rough stretch. I'm looking at white water where many folks wouldn't dare float through with a canoe.


But we've seen them take these chances all week. If anything, this event may come down to who actually takes the biggest chance and makes it pay off.


There's a lot of day left so we are still waiting. We had a flatbottom with a jet drive come through an hour ago. But nothing wrapped in fiberglass. We don't know which way to hope: Will they come or think better of it?


Regardless, we are somewhat on edge. We can't see much of the river, so the even the rumble of an airplane engine over the roar of these rapids gets us ready for the action we know will take place if they get here.

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