Out of anglers and testosterone

Brent Chapman just made a liar out of himself. After attempting to go up, Chapman said he wasn't going above Corn Creek Shoals after seeing what happened to David Walker.

But he has changed his mind. Chapman is now above Corn Creek Shoals. The fact that Steve Kennedy has gone up there and is putting the heat on today may have put Chapman in a different frame of mind.
James Overstreet and I, therefore, have run out of anglers. We just pulled into Corn Creek and put the Power-Poles down, for the first time this week. We're out of testosterone, too. Funny how age does that to you. It makes you a whole lot less determined to drive a boat through any place with water in it.
But I will say this: Our low-T ain't as low as some of these boat drivers we've got hired today. We just had to run videotape back to the Wetumpka Park because the boat driver hired to do it won't go up the Coosa River from there.

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