Misadventures in Wetumpka

We followed the Coosa up to Wetumpka and caught up with Bobby Lane, who's having a solid day sitting in 6th place according to BASSTrakk. Just as my driver is asking me if I'm crazy wanting him to go north to see Steve Kennedy, B.A.S.S. photographer James Overstreet comes blasting past us headed south. My driver is not impressed and doesn't want to wreck his boat in what are normally impassable but currently merely treacherous waters. 


So we head south. We see Chad Pipkens, Edwin Evers, and Ish Monroe on the main river channel. Ish catches a small non-keeper and throws it back. That remains the only fish I've seen caught on this river. 


We're out of oil, and my driver explains that you apparently need it to run an engine. Guess we're going back to Montgomery to check out the Expo. Tomorrow I need a more reckless driver, or some common sense. Not sure which.