This is getting crazy

The city of Wetumpka was founded on the site of a Creek Indian village called we-wau (water) and tum-cau (tumbling).


David Walker almost went we-wau tum-cauing — tumbling into the Coosa River. In more drama for the day, Walker's boat got hung up on a boulder in Corn Creek Shoals, and it took him a while to get it off. It didn't look like fun.


Brent Chapman was thinking about moving up, until he got deeper in the the shoals, then saw what was happening with Walker.


"When you get right there, you realize the difference in elevation," said Chapman, who has moved back down to where he's been catching them. "I've caught enough here that I need to commit to it."


That's good news for photographer James Overstreet and me. It looked like we were about to run out of fisherman. We ain't doing no Corn Creek Shoals.

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