Chapman back down for good


Brent Chapman came straight to the mouth of Corn Creek after coming back through the shoals here. He said he was curious to know how far Steve Kennedy made it past Chapman in Moccasin Gap.


"I'm kind of kicking myself for not going up there," Chapman said. "But there's no room for error. You've still got to get back to weigh in those fish if you're going to win the tournament."


Chapman caught three 3-pound spotted bass down here earlier this morning. He has two small ones he'd like to get rid of. And he's committed to fishing here the rest of the day, at least for now that's what he's thinking.


"I'd definitely like to put a couple of 4-pounders in the boat," he said.


Chapman has been throwing a 3/4-ounce War Eagle spinnerbait and a Mesu wobble head jig with a Tightlines UV trailer, plus a swimbait some. Mostly he's alternated between the spinnerbait and the jig.

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