Palaniuk came up through ranks

The Trokar Quest, with Brandon Palaniuk, leading from the get-go has been one of those things that helps define Bassmaster so well.


Palaniuk, a Federation Nation Angler, who clawed his way into the Elites through the bass fishing clubs and has stayed there by exemplifying the highest tenants of professionalism the last two seasons will likely win this event.


If he doesn't it will be at the hands of much greater forces than just those of fish and man. Now we have an angler, like Bryan Kerchal who has defined the climb from the bottom to the top. We have an angler like Michael Iaconelli and Davy Hite, two other Fed Anglers, who seems to have staying power.


Palaniuk actually may have this event won without even going fishing today. But you couldn't tell him that. Even after he catches somewhere between 6- and 9-pounds, he should have it sewed up for the staunchest of last-minute charges, but he won't hear anything of it.


"I'm keeping the pedal to the metal until I catch 20-pounds,'' Palaniuk said this morning. "And when I catch 20, I'm heading for 25. I'm not letting up an ounce."


Interesting mind set for an angler on the verge of winning his first event. One that every angler not in the Elite Series but wishing they had that chance  would certainly adopt.


It's also an attitude that make this day even more interesting to watch.

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