Herren's Hideout

Photographer James Overstreet and I just caught up with Matt Herren, who is in second place  behind leader Brandon Palaniuk. We've crossed the Missouri-Arkansas line a couple of times after putting our boat  in at the Diamond City public use area.


Herrin has one keeper-size fish in the boat.


"I'm a little worried," Herren said. "That was a pretty hard front that came in last night."


It was 38 degrees at takeoff time. The fog is still thick over the lake here, which is why it took us awhile to find  Herren, who made it this far up the lake surprisingly quickly.


Herren said the water surface temperature here dropped four degrees overnight, from 68 degrees to 64.


Herren has this place all to himself.


"I haven't seen another boat all week," he said.

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