Britt is having a Blast

Britt Myers said he might have had his best fishing day of his life yesterday, estimating he caught 100 fish.


"I was so tired, I was trying to get them to jump so I could see whether or not they were worth reeling in," Myers said.


He's got about 17 pounds today, and he's still having a blast.


"They're not biting as good as they were yesterday," Myers said. "I've probably caught about 30 today."


Myers is throwing a crankbait,  like a lot of  people, but he may be doing something  a little different.


He just landed a 2 1/2 pound largemouth.


"Any other tournament in the  world and I'd be tickled to death," Myers said. "But this one probably won't even help."


Sure enough, he culled it.

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