Two in the boat, but no limit

Although Evers has two in the boat, he should have had a limit by now. In the last few minutes he's missed a couple more. He's not totally flustered at the moment but the missed bites do bring out a little angst each time. He needs to start getting a hook into a few of them. From experience, this kind of fishing gets better as the day progresses.


Evers is so far back up this creek/river, he's lost all his spectators from this morning. That's a good thing. But in the last few minutes he has gained a couple of spectators. Two young boys are watching, having made it up the creek paddling a canoe. If Evers gets this type of area to himself, with only a couple of paddles churning the water, he could do some damage. He's just got to start getting a hook into some of these missed fish.

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