Swindle running and gunning

Gerald Swindle has gone into full run-and-gun mode. After pulling into the Nelson Park Marina area, just north of where Aaron Martens' armada is floating, Swindle fished for maybe 10 minutes, heard a cheer from Martens' crowd signaling a fish-catch, and then ran south of  Martens to the Commodore Decatur Yacht Club.
He made a few casts there, fired up the big motor again, went another 50 yards south, and dropped his trolling motor in the water again.
Swindle is fishing just past all the dry-docked sailboats, working the riprap bank near Lost Bridge.
As he forecast, he's been "Three-Rod Todd" today, casting a spinnerbait, a crankbait and occasionally flipping a jig at any type of wood cover in his path.

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