Swindle heats up

Gerald Swindle doesn't know, but  he has to feel that Edwin Evers is ahead of him in their matchup on Lake Decatur. Comedian Steven Wright said it best: "The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up."

And Swindle is finally catching up. He ran across to the east side Basin No. 3 briefly, but the wind there was just too much to bear. So he ran right back across to the west side, where a culvert connects a small creek to the lake, under Lake Shore Drive. Swindle immediately caught a keeper, after casting a small crankbait in the culvert opening. He landed another short fish after that. We can't tell from our vantage point if there's any current flowing from the culvert, but it doesn't matter because the wind direction is creating current that's moving water directly where Swindle has positioned his boat.

He just landed his third bass here, another nonkeeper. But he's got to feel like he's on fire compared to any point earlier in the day.

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