Martens making a move

Aaron Martens may be finally figuring out a pattern for success on Lake Shelbyville. He moved across the lake from today's launch site about 11 a.m., then quickly caught a 2 1/2-pounder for his second fish of the day.

"I had a depressing morning," Martens said. "I missed two just like that. I saw them."

Martens did some research on his iPad last night. Using Google Maps, he found images of Lake Shelbyville when it was 7 feet lower than it is now.

"That really helped," Martens said. "I wish I'd known about that sooner."

By studying those images, Martens has been able to find some now-submerged fish-holding targets. He's casting a 5/16ths-ounce Davis ball-head jig with various soft plastics rigged on it.

"I'm swimming it, mostly," he said. "That (last fish) makes me feel a little better."

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