The ever-quotable Swindle checks in

It's as certain as the sun rising in the morning: Ask Gerald Swindle a question and you'll get a memorable answer.


As we were leaving Ott DeFoe in the back of Possum Creek, we saw Swindle fishing his way into it and decided to check in with the G-Man.


"Let me tell you something," he said, "I've been to a lot of good lakes, and this lake doesn't have anything in common with a son-of-a-bitching one of them. Blog that!"


"I've been to some tough lakes, but this one right here will flat take the fire out of you," he added.

Just then Swindle felt a bite, but nothing he could set the hook on.

"I just missed the only bass in the lake," he said, then motored his trolling motor back to the spot, saying, "Let me get back in here where my bass is."

A minute later, Swindle was hung on the bottom.

"Now I've gotten hung dragging a 3/16ths-ounce Texas-rigged worm," he said. "That will make you want to whup somebody."

Good day or bad, Swindle always leaves you laughing.

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