And the crowd goes wild!

Aaron Martens just caught a game-changer, and the crowd went wild. Martens moved to the south end of Nelson Park Marina and immediately hooked a fish that kept his rod bent double as he carefully fought it around his boat.


When he got it close enough to lip, Martens could see that the fish was just barely skin-hooked on a single barb of his crankbait.


So when he got his hand in its mouth and raised it in the air, everybody here let out a joyous shout, none louder than the one that came from Martens himself.


How big? According to the consistently accurate Martens: "Three-eight, three-six."


A 3 1/2-pounder is definitely a game-changer on Lake Decatur now. As an added bonus, that gives him a five-fish limit.

Aaron Martens

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