The challenge of Toledo Bend

Toledo Bend offers its challenges in a lot of ways. From an angling standpoint, more than 180,000 acres that swell up and bounce at even the slightest wind is just the beginning.


From a technical standpoint for blogging, BASSTrakking, etc., it becomes a different kind of monster. We were watching our GPS tracks this morning as the anglers left the take off. It's an interesting sight to see the anglers name inch out and actually move on the map. Kind of looks like those movie radar screens where you are watching the bombs come toward you, only in our drama they are moving away.


Watching them this morning, we got to track some of them as far as 5 miles away from the take-off before they simply disappeared as in vanished from view in the black, electronic hole that surrounds Toledo Bend. 


Those kind of things always make it tough getting information. Even the guys on the water have another brand of problem trying to find service to send it back to the War Room and the blog. Hopefully we can work around some of the problems. We will still have the most up-to-date information any where. 

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