Jones in full stealth

Alton Jones has gone into full stealth mode; his tournament jersey came off at 10:05, in favor of a natural green T-shirt. Jones just used his push-pole for the first time we've seen in two days.

In the same place where Jones caught and released a foul-hooked 2-pounder, he stayed set up with his Power-Poles down for another 20 minutes and missed two strikes.

It may be an omen and it may not, but James  Overstreet and I have noticed a lot more life in the water here this morning than we did yesterday. There's considerable surface activity. Not in the form of big bass blowing up, but visible wakes from predators of some kind chasing bait.


And the sky is alive as well. An osprey just flew over us carrying a good-size shad in its talons.

There's more of a breeze than yesterday, but  it's just that -- a breeze, not anything that should hinder sight fishing.

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