Live action from Day Three

In a few minutes we will start our War Room broadcast. You can check that out by clicking the War Room button at the top of the page.

Every hour at the top of the hour we will give you an update of what we know, what we think we know and hopefully give you a look at what is taking place on the water.
Following those updates we should be able to bring you some video from other events as well as this one, giving you a bass fishing fix for the day.
Meanwhile, some of the things we are seeing at the moment include Randy Howell's impressive start.
We know Jeff Kriet has a couple of keepers, but at the moment they are only about 2 pounds total.
David Walker has caught a 5- to 6-pound lunker. No catches from Ish Monroe yet. But we expect some of these guys are just getting to their first spots.
Lake Okeechobee is big and long boat runs will be a part of the action all day.

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