Lake Okeechobee radar

Below is an image that we took off of MyRadar that shows the storm that raced across the northern end of Lake Okeechobee.
Weather advisories said wind gusts could get as high as 45- to 50-miles per hour. Thankfully no one was hurt.
While, the venue has been damaged some, we have to think about the anglers on the water. Most of them were to the south of the storm, so the lightening and heavy rain may have missed them.
The winds, though, could really throw a kink into the plans of some of the anglers. Okeechobee is so shallow that even a 15-mile per hour wind will leave it rocking and rolling. Get it up to 45-miles and it can be treacherous.
Our current leader, Ish Monroe was at the south end of the lake when the storm hit. He was the furthest away, but now he has to fight his way through what could be huge waves and tough running conditions.
We will have to pay attention to that. But we have blinders on. The storm has knocked out our internet. The War Room feed is down, BASSTrakk is down and we are hoping to get all our people off the water (anglers included) as soon as we can.
The weigh in will go on, so hopefully we will have a feed by that time.
Stay tuned to the blog. We can send small emails through our smart phones.