Ish Monroe on a tear!

Ish Monroe has a big sack already, which is actually the earliest in the day a 20-pound plus sack has been caught.

He is, for lack of a better expression, "on a tear."
While we are fairly certain that Lane has no idea Monroe has stepped up the pace, we have to feel like the pressure is growing on Lane.
He knows he has to really catch them. Yesterday he amassed an incredible weight, most of it later in the day. Lane, though, doesn't want to wait that long. He's not boated his limit yet, and none of the fish he has in his live well can be there at the end of the day if he expects to win this.
The late bite, though, will still occur. Randy Howell told us in the War Room that the hour from 2 p.m. To 3 p.m., yesterday was when a lot of the guys did most of their damage.
There are two ways of looking at that. Monroe has done his damage and Chris Lane will catch up. Or when the witching hour strikes later today, Monroe may be in a position to weigh in one of those legendary bags on par with his first-day stringer.
Either way, the rest of the day promises to be a lot of fun.