Flying blind

We are basically blind at the moment to the action taking place on the water.

If things went like they did yesterday, then the biggest part of this field is working on some 5- to 7-pound class fish right now. But since the storm wiped out virtually everything, including strangely enough, most of our cell service, we just don't know what's going on.
We do know that the Bassmaster staff has quickly got everything in place, made sure there were no injuries and have now assured me that we will have a live weigh-in and the preceding Hooked Up show.
Be sure and check out those things. We are still working diligently trying to reach the Marshals and/or cameramen, but the service is spotty around the weigh-in area and probably more so on the water.
The wind, though, continues to have a strong push out of the south. It's has to be rocking and rolling out on the lake.