A moment of silence

While all of us are focused on the waters of the Mississippi River, watching to see who will put together the perfect plan to win this Elite event, it's appropriate that we take a moment and mourn the loss of one of bass fishing greatest advocates, Homer Circle.


A lot of folks know him as Uncle Homer. His credentials are too numerous to mention. But you have to know that a lot of the coverage you see today, whether in a magazine or on the internet, is a direct result of the impact Homer Circle had on some many outdoor writers and communicators in his 97 years of living. 


As an outdoor writer for almost three decades, I certainly wasn't immune to that. We all loved Uncle Homer.


One of the things I remember most is at the early Classics, he would offer this prayer before the start of each event. It will stand the test of time and certainly applies today.


The Fisherman’s Prayer

By Homer Circle

God grant that I may fish

  until my dying day;

And when at last I come to rest,

  I’ll then most humbly pray;

When in His landing net

  I lie in final sleep;

That in His mercy I’ll be judged

  as good enough to keep!



Thank you Homer Circle for everything.

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