Martens releases a keeper

Aaron Martens is already releasing fish, even though he only has two in his livewell. His third bass of the day came at 6:47. Although it was keeper-size - measuring more than 14 inches - Martens apparently decided another 2-pounder wasn't going to help him in the end today.
He also may have made the decision based on the health of the fish. The last thing you need in this tournament, where ounces will be a deciding factor, is a small dead fish among the five you weigh in. Dean Rojas had a 4-ounce dead-fish penalty Thursday, which dropped his total that day from 15-0 to 14-12.
With as many fish as Martens has been catching here in the mouth of Black River, there's just no use keeping another small one at this point, no matter how healthy it looks.
Both these last two have come on a drop shot.

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