Dinner bell rings at 1 p.m.

Britt Myers moved within sight of Douglas Dam and immediately caught a bass that allowed him to upgrade. He's probably got around 18 pounds now.


There's one thing to keep to an eye on over the next few hours: the dinner bell is supposed to ring at 1 o'clock again today, just like it did yesterday. That's when two generators are scheduled to crank up at Douglas Dam.


Byron Velvick credited the current created after 1 p.m. yesterday for his 6-pound, 10-ounce largemouth - the big bass of  the tournament so far. He caught it on a swimbait.


The current created by power generation isn't something you notice on a lake this size. But the fish near the dam feel it, and it places them behind structure they can use as ambush points.


Mike McClelland may or  may not have been taking advantage of that current yesterday, but he did lose a monster bass around 2 p.m. McClelland got a good look at it, and estimated its weight as "at least seven or eight pounds, maybe more."


The bottom line: don't be surprised if some of the biggest bass of the day are caught in the final hours of competition.