We should have put some gas in the boat before following Britt Myers today. We're going to have to do that at some point, obviously.


When Myers left his 13th stop of the day, at 10:18 a.m., he was in sight of where Jeremy Starks has been set  up all week. Myers led his armada of observation boats past Starks' armada of observation points, then stopped and did a U-turn when Brandon Card was set up on the next place Myers wanted to fish.


So  Myers' armada sped past Starks' armada again, going toward Douglas Dam this time.


This took all of about five minutes and Myers is fishing again. He still has only three bass in the livewell. If I hadn't seen him doing this same run-and-gun method Saturday, when he had 18 pounds  in the boat, I'd swear  he was panicking.


But this has been his plan all week, and he's continuing to execute it. Saturday in a way was an aberration for him because he caught several fish in his first few spots. Today is going more like his other two days  of competition.


He's probably trying  to remind himself of that, with only six-pounds-plus in the boat after four hours of fishing.