Ike lands his third fish

The air temperature feels like it's dropping, but the bass catching is heating up in McDade Lake. Mike Iaconelli has added his third bass of the day, a 2.5-pounder he flipped from some heavy cover. Andrew Upshaw, who was working up the same bank as Ike, about 25 yards behind him, landed his fourth bass of the day, about 15 minutes before Ike's.

Upshaw cranked his outboard and moved to the opposite bank, where Ott DeFoe landed a keeper as Upshaw approached.

We have moved slightly down lake, where Dustin Wilks and  Fred Roumbanis are within 50 yards of each other. A spectator told us that Wilks has caught three bass in 10 minutes on a crankbait. Wilks just landed a non-keeper as we drifted by.

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