DeFoe is "hunkering down"

Ott DeFoe mentioned Tuesday about having to find a few places to "hunker down" on the Red River for this event.

"You can't do a bunch of running around," DeFoe said. "This isn't a place where you fish one place for an hour, then run somewhere else and fish for 30 minutes, then run some place else."

But you really can't appreciate those remarks until you take a boat ride into the Red River backwaters. There are plenty of visible tree stumps, but there are just as many or more just under the water surface. There's a definite mud line you cross as you ride the stumps into the clearer backwaters. But there's no way to get there quickly. It's like a slow motion bumper car ride.

Only after one of these boating adventures can you understand the importance of "hunker down" places.

"You're going to have to really pick it apart," DeFoe said. "Go through it with one bait, then go back through it with another bait, then go back again with another bait."

Having a dozen places that are holding fish simply won't do you any good here.


"You're only going to be able to fish two, three at the most," DeFoe said.

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