Alton on the move

For the first time today, Alton Jones is headed out of this little pond located in a cut just across from the Red River South Marina launch site. He told us only one of the two fish he caught at the opposite end of the pond helped him, and then only by maybe 1 ounce.


So Jones is headed out into Port Lake for the last 30 minutes with something less than 13 pounds in his livewells.


He has been buzzing a frog for the last hour and had one big fish chase it, but that's as close as he's come to a serious upgrade.


We're going back to the marina. The water has definitely risen since we came in this morning, as our exit is much easier than our entrance here.


"In three days of fishing, I haven't burned a quarter tank of gas," said Jones, as the marina came into view.


In three days on the Red River, I've never felt more stumps sliding along the hull of a bass boat.


Here's how our day has ended: Jones' Marshal, who shall remain nameless, just dropped his cell phone in the water. The air around the Red River has turned a bit blue.

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