Zaldain throws in the towel

After spending another 30 minutes on the main-lake point that produced so well yesterday, Chris Zaldain threw in the towel on the location.

“I’m going to check it on the way in,” he said after making a run down to a protected area near Highway 431 at Guntersville.

It’s not that the fish have left the main lake; Zaldain said it was just too rough to fish effectively.

“I could see a few (on his electronics),” Zaldain said. “But it’s so hard to pinpoint them in this wind.”

The howling wind out of the southwest also was having another negative impact.

“The current is backed up with all this wind,” Zaldain explained.

And the heavy cloud cover probably factored into the spot just giving out.

“It’s all of the above,” Zaldain said.

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