Zaldain sums up the day

This morning on the dock I asked Chris Zaldain if he thought the shallow water bite would improve, based on the pressure the offshore areas would receive from weekend anglers. Here is what he had to say.

“The first thing that I noticed this morning while driving to the ramp was the wind and ripples on the water. I went into this tournament thinking that I was going to catch them shallow. That didn’t happen yesterday, because the conditions for shallow fishing were not ideal. It was sunny, no wind and the surface was just slick calm.”

This morning the outlook improved.

"The first thing I noticed this morning driving to the ramp we’ve got wind and ripples on the water,” he continued. “With it being the weekend the TVA should generate more power and that will add current.”

The sum of all the above explains why Zaldain went from a 50/50 game plan of deep and shallow water, to a 75/25 percent chance that he will spend most of the day in shallow water.