Zaldain puts on clinic

Chris Zaldain gave a clinic on catching deep Lake Lanier spotted bass this morning on "Bassmaster LIVE." And he did so while moving into the top 10 in the BASSTrakk standings.

Most of his fish have been caught on a Megabass Spark Shad, which is a 3-inch paddle-tailed swimbait. It's one of Zaldain's favorite lures in smallmouth waters too.

"I just have to fish it super slow," Zaldain said. "It's like a crappie bite. Doink!"

He's probing depths of 25 to as much as 65 feet off main lake points where his sonar is indicating a sharp drop. Zaldain noted that during practice when the sun was out, the fish either got right down on the bottom or suspended in trees. It was practice times when there was low light, like during low clouds and rain, when the bigger spotted bass seemed more eager to bite. But he's having to subtly coax the bites now, under high skies and sunshine.

At 11 a.m., Zaldain was in 9th place with 11-8, according to BASSTrakk.