Worth looking

With a couple fish in the well anglers start to talk a bit more.

Loughran is no different. He asked us if we were bored yet.

“Of course,” was my response. But it got better with a fish catch.

Loughran said that it hasn’t been this slow for him all week but the fish catches seem to come in flurries.

“I need a big flurry soon,” he added.

We need that as well. We have the luxury of watching BASSTrakk and seeing the catches. There’s always a debate on whether anglers should be able to look as well.

This would be one time when Loughran might be better off not knowing. And now the flurry has started. He’s added another 3 1/2 to 4-pounder to the well. And things are worth looking at on BASSTrakk.