Wind vs. tide

We are all well aware of the wind blowing harder today, Currently, it's steady from the south-southwest at 15 mph, with gusts to 20 mph. And then, there is the tidal side of the equation.  

Andy Crawford, an expert on the subject and native of southwest Louisiana, made the observation of how the strong winds are disrupting the natural ebb of the tide. 

Andy was covering Buddy Gross and Brett Preutt (pictured) and both needed the water level to drop, most likely to pull fish out of the shallower water, and position them on isolated casting targets, like submerged wood.  

"The south wind is going to back everything up, which is true, because that's what happens back home," Andy said. "If they are waiting on tidal current, there will be none." 

He added, "when the wind blows against the outgoing tide, you lose the current effect, and current flow influences the bite."  

A similar scenario is the dead, or slack tide, which is the most unproductive tide for bass fishing. 

"It's like having a dead tide all day long," he said.