Williams struggling with quality vs. quantity

They can keep five, but as of 2 o’clock, Branden Hollingshead held the only limit among the Top 12 pro finalists.

The Azle, Texas, angler came into Championship Saturday 6 pounds, 4 ounces behind Day 2 leader Tommy Williams and only an ounce behind second-place Brandon Dillard, who led Day 1.

According to BASSTrakk, Hollingshead’s five weigh (unofficially) 10-3. A modest average, but in the tough fall even, five is an accomplishment. 

On the other hand, Dillard has one for 3-5, while Williams had been stuck on two keepers for 6-12 most of the day. Better averages, but just not enough of those big bites. 

The highlight of the day was Brian Clark, who entered the final round in eighth place. He has improved his position to by a lot, thanks to a four-fish bag estimated at 15-6. Anchoring his effort is an 8-pound-class fish.

Williams added his third keeper around 1:56 and pushed his tally to an estimated 8 pounds. About 15 min prior, he missed one of the ones that he really needed.

“That fished boiled on my spinnerbait, so I threw back in there with my Brush Hog,” Williams said. “He thumped it and I just missed him — twice. It’s just not my day."

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