Where will the cut line fall?

Based on the fact that 51st place in the Day 1 standings was 15 pounds, 12 ounces, a new mark for highest two-day cut weight this season is expected at the end of the day. That would be a further testament to Sam Rayburn Reservoir being on the upswing.

Bill Lowen, of all people, predicted this after practice. He said catching 3-pounders was relatively easy at Rayburn, adding, “So that tells me 15 pounds a day is probably going to get you a kick in the butt.”

Three anglers were tied with 15-12 after Day 1 – Brian Snowden, Jesse Wiggins and, of course, Bill Lowen. It varies from lake-to-lake and often depends on changing weather, but generally you can double 51st-place total from Day 1 and make an educated guess about the Day 2 cut weight.

Here are those numbers for 51st place from the previous four Elite Series tournaments this season:

                                                  Day 1            Day 2
Cherokee Lake                          13-1              25-2
Lake Okeechobee                    13-10            27-14
Toledo Bend Reservoir             13-12             26-4
Ross Barnett Reservoir             11-5             22-14
Sam Rayburn Reservoir           15-12             ???