When the wind is not your friend

Andy Crawford just phoned in a report from the water, and specifically about the wind. He said that according to the Predict Wind app the direction has shifted to the east with sustained winds of 20 mph.

"It's miserable. I'm having a hard time just holding and keeping the camera steady," he said. 

Now, Andy is no slouch when it comes to handling a camera. He's a Cajun dude used to fishing — and shooting photos — inshore and offshore back home. And he's one of our best on-water photogs. 

The takeaway is unknown at this time, other than the wind is now a player-or the key factor-in this tournament day. And it will continue shifting to the north with the temperatures holding steady in the low 70s by takeout time. 

Has it blown out the shallow water spawning bite? Has the better action shifted offshore for the wind-driven current bite? Either way, it's 10 a.m. and change is inevitable. 

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