Wheeler's pre-scout paying off

Jacob Wheeler came to Cherokee Lake on an aggressive pre-scoutinug mission in December. The time is paying off. 

Wheeler struggled early until finally finding a groove. To find it took a lot of work. 

"I used the Navionics app and marked about 400 spots on my phone." he said. 

Going mobile allowed him to study the entries and systematically delete unproductive areas as eliminated on the water.

Even with all those spots he intensified his search. Once finding a productive area he searched for obscure, specific objects on the bottom too small to be on a map card. When he found it the object, or rock, got marked on the GPS.

Wheeler is now getting an unplanned bonus for all the hard work. Cloudy skies and warmer tempertures have the potential to stimulate smallmouth activity and make the fish migrate into shallower areas. As they do, Wheeler believes the fish will become more concentrated and easier to find, and catch.