Welcher in thick fog

This morning Steve Bowman and I are following Day 1 leader Kyle Welcher. The rookie is working his way north in the Tennessee River where the fog is thick. We’ve slowed down to a crawl to be safe. Of course GPS is invaluable when visibility is limited.

Back in the pre GPS days Rick Clunn won the 1977 Classic on Lake Toho on a similarly foggy morning.

Clunn has said he would not have won that Classic were it held today. Under current safety measures most tournaments are delayed or postponed by heavy fog.

As the legend goes, Clunn found himself driving in circles, lost in the fog. He decided the next time he saw the bank he’d stop and fish. That’s what he did. It was a spot he’d never fished in practice or during the tournament. And that’s where Rick Clunn won the 1977 Bassmaster Classic.