Weird weather

Everyone wanted cloudy skies. Some wind. Rain. Two out of three’s not bad. But where’s the rain? It’s to the east of Tenkiller. Yesterday, forecasters called for anywhere from a 50 to 80 percent chance for Friday. The National Weather Service still says 80 percent. And it’ll come but not likely until weigh-in time or later on tonight.

Meanwhile, the Saturday and Sunday outlook was for the rain chances to diminish as the revenants of Imelda pushed north. Now, it’s slowed down and the rain chances up. That includes an 80 percent chance with a breezy south wind around 10 mph. Championship Sunday is looking to be a rainy day.

What does all that mean for the fishing? Like the weather forecast, we can’t count on knowing until weigh-in time. But the weather might not really matter at all, according to the current BASSTrakk scoreboard. Everyone is struggling. It’s a grind. And the only change we do know that is coming is that everyone will be wearing a rainout later on today.