Weights to consider

Just looking over the standings there are some amazing weights to consider.

Our top 10 have all had incredible events. For instance, Cory Johnston, who is sitting in 10th at the moment on BASSTrakk has 76 pounds, 5 ounces. To this point, that weight total would have won every Elite Series event this season with the exception of St. Johns with some breathing room.

Rick Clunn won that St. Johns event with 98 pounds. It was an amazing event as well.

But nothing like what Lake Fork is throwing out. Look closer at Johnston’s weight, though. He only has 10 pounds, 2 ounces. He just caught a 6-2 to get there. And he only has three fish in the well. In any other event you would think he’s poised to make a run up the standings. Maybe.

The most telling number is how far off the pace he is from the leader. He’s almost 33 pounds behind at the moment. That’s a steep climb. We expect him to knock down that number a bit. But it’s a long way to go.

Same for Drew Benton in 9th place. He’s almost 29 pounds back. Chad Pipkens, the leader on Day 1 and Day 2, in 8th is 26-8 back and Drew Cook, who has hovered around second position all week is in 7th, just 22-13 back.

Those are staggering numbers. And they show you that even when things are going great on one level, on another level it’s kind of scary.

Things will change we are sure. But it’s a testament on just how good an event Brandon Cobb is putting together on the best big bass fishery in the country.