Weather watch

The weather has been the same all week. Unseasonably warm (here, that means highs in the mid-80s). What is to come tomorrow might shake up the bite, in a good way.

You can see the forecast graphic from The Weather Channel shows a big change in the temperatures, due in part to a change in wind direction. It’s to shift from south to north, which also explains the temperature drop. The National Weather Service is more precise, predicting a low of 61 and high of 71, or about a 10-degree downward shift.

It doesn’t take much wind to really dirty up these shallow lakes, and especially on Lake Kissimmee, where much of the better bass activity is happening. So, the wind could be a factor

Could the temperature, too? It’s certainly not that kicker of a cold front the experts say triggers a mass migration of largemouth into shallow water. But it could be just enough to stimulate just enough action to bring more 20-pound bags to the scales than we have seen thus far. 

The weather has been a factor all week, and it could really come into play on Friday.