Walters keeps multiple tools handy

If you’ve watched Patrick Walters the past two days, you may have noticed all the rod-and-reel combos he has on his boat deck. I counted 15 at one point this morning. They all have a purpose. For instance, Walters mentioned he had seven with jerkbaits tied on yesterday. Yes, he used a variety of colors and styles of that lure, but line type and strength is crucial too.

For instance, yesterday he noted one reel was loaded with 17-pound test monofilament line, another with 17-pound fluorocarbon line, three with 14-pound test monofilament line, one with 12-pound test monofilament and another with 12-pound test fluorocarbon. Different lines allow him to refine the depth that particular jerkbaits will run.

“If that jerkbait starts digging in the dirt, they won’t touch it,” Walters said. “As I get shallower, I go to bigger line sizes. It’s all to present the bait accordingly.”