Waiting for the first 20-pound bag

It seems like we are just waiting for the first 20-pound bag to show up and then who gets there after that.

It’s almost a given these guys will catch 16- to 17-pounds. It’s that 20-pound mark that starts the separation. All of them are capable.

Right now Seth Feider leads the way with a 17-pound stringer. He sits atop the leaderboard. But just ounces back is Jason Williamson who, according to Davy Hite, has a limit of 18 pounds.

I’ll remind you Williamson started the day in 9th place. Now he’s ounces from the lead.

That’s how things will go today. Williamson catches 20, which seems very possible, it makes it difficult to catch without a stringer approaching that by the rest of the field.

There were only three of those yesterday. They’ve dropped off exponentially every day.

That makes 20 almost critical today. All of them get there then the weigh-in will certainly have a bunch of fireworks.

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