The VanDam influence

On Championship Sunday everyone fishes for the win. There's nothing to gain otherwise in a field of 12 anglers. 

When Kevin VanDam leads he clearly influences the mental attitudes of everyone behind him in the standings. That's partly out of respect, partly due to survival. 

"If nothing else I'm going to make him work for it."

That's what Chris Lane said this morning. Lane, also one of the best at this game, had VanDam on his mind. Lane didn't choose to comment that it's him against the bass. When KVD leads like he is now, it's all about competing against him. 

Paul Mueller is one of the anglers behind VanDam. He's duplicated quotes already made this morning by those followers. 

"I've got to have 30 pounds to even be near him."

Lane and Keith Combs used the same 30-pound benchmark when commenting what they need to do today.